Apr 17, 2011

Aircel Free GPRS Using Handler Browsers | India

Aircel Free GPRS Using Handler Browsers

Hi aircel user! we have an exclusive free GPRS trick for you .
It has been tested in 3G and 2G. it works fine when you are in roaming also.
So to use this new GPRS trick you have to use handler browser

What the heck is Handler Browser ?

Don;t cry i am gonna tell it. A browser which is used to make phone use of custom settings like IP post. HTTP server etc is called a handler browser

Lets get to work....
First of all open the handler browser and then select proxy as host(usually the 3rd last option in handler menu)
now write there "0.facebook.com" without the quotes and you are good to go

Now enjoy full fledged GPRS in Your Aircel Sim.

We would suggest you to use this at as low balance as possible cause prevention is always better then cure :-D

Ucweb Browser Extreme Mod For This Trick

Download Unsigned

Download Signed

Remember since its a signed browser u will need to follow the procedure in this post

By- Saurabh Khare (MOBILE EXPERT)


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