Apr 30, 2011

The Truth Behind Hacking Facebook Websites - Revealed


When you search the internet for HACKING FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS you come across many websites offering you to hack facebook accounts for 100$ or for a survey. Not only websites also there are lot's of free facebook hacking software available on the internet. They are completely fake and can also be backdoored.


I found this two for a example to show you guys

Now the first sites hack you accounts for 100usd

"You can pay for our service right after Facebook account is hacked. " their websites tell this .. So how can they believe us that we will pay after a account being hacked ??

I can tell you that in any step if they will ask you some personal information's then it will be a very wise idea to close the website... instead of hacking the other's account you will lose your accounts .. this is called social engineering. Using this information they can take over your account.

Sometimes it also may happen they will tell to give your login details too .. as mentioned by h4ck0lic bro this method is called "TROLLING"

Ok now lets talk about the second link.. 

Hacking accounts without the user knowledge is itself illegal so how you can say hacking using their method is legal ?

" * It is 100% FREE due to the massive demand and load on our servers we may soon need to charge a fee, so hurry while the offer lasts.
* It is 100% LEGAL Using this method you can be assured that there is NOTHING ILLEGAL, unlike all other software and methods, Hotmail Password Cracker users 100% legal methods of Hacking Facebook Account passwords
* It is SIMPLE access our gateway and see for yourself! "
^^ they say the above ..

I can say that is a scam to fool you guys he will get the money because of the CPA survey he have in his..

How i told this is a scam ???

There is a page present


For your sake I filled it and got empty results.

Then, I thought to go and see what is next .. then I came across a link

http://www.hackfacebook.org/ThankYou.html (CPA SURVEY HERE )

Now look at their strategy through which they fool us...

we open the main page which then redirects to the page


This the main thing which makes convince that this site is a pure legit site hack Facebook

Further Inspection told that the last page have a CPA survey in it and that site tell to complete the survey  in order to get access to their gateway (what ever ) ...  

What will happen then ?

The happening will make you sad you will complete the survey but surprisingly no links no gateways through which you can get passwords.

Better do not fall into these traps huh? 


Already know.>!
But still good for new bees..!!

cracking is illegal!
second: do report such types of websites such people are scars on society who are trying to misuse others
& yes if they are asking for username & password just like the gmail hacking case the technical term of that trick is
'troling' :)

good research bro keep it up

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learn to hack http://learntohackv3.com/ is also spam , do not believe this web, this website is just made in money intention to make money nothing in return

learntohackv5.com are scammers who ask you to send the money via Western Union to Vietnam. Their web site is very believable but once you send the money they will never reply to you again. The phone no. is never answered and there is no 'Carla Grady' as the contact person. The MD5 decription is just bulls**t to fool you that they know what they are doing. Total fraud do not get involved. Yes, I was a muppet!!

Every Links Telling We Hack Facebook for you are scam :)

Totally a great thanks for the owner of this site :-) i was gonna buy tha F****** sites softwares thanks for making it aware of me

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What about this site, do you know is it scam or not: www.hack-facebook-password.org , it looks legit, also see the feedback comments below..
Thanks on a post :)

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