Jun 27, 2011

Crazy Call Spoofing

CrazyCall is the ultimate tool for making prank calls and fooling your friends.
You can change your CallerID, so when you call someone he sees on his Caller ID display the number you selected.
You can also change the pitch of your voice for deep and creepy or high and funny.
How is it done:

1st step
Select the country you are calling from, choose the CallerID you want to display and enter the number you want to call.

2nd step
Press "Get me a code" and we will provide you with number to call and a code.
Call the number

3rd step
Enter the code and we will connect your call to your friend with the CallerID and voice you have selected.

here is the screen shot of that site

download its application for android

note: this will cost as per your mbl cmpny's international call charge ...

by-- hemal modi

Hacking-class Doesn't take any responsibility how you use this information 


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