Feb 20, 2011

Fake Hits Generator | Traffic Creator

Creating a website and not getting traffic :( ... So sad...Now I am gonna show how to boost up your website traffic..

For this you need
i)Free Traffic for Life!.By Tukanas
ii)fresh proxies every day
iii)Your website
iv)A brain

How the whole thing works?
When you switch from one proxy to another then the website recognizes you as a different visitor who is browsing the forum OR blog.You cannot do this manually..So this software Changes proxy and send hits to your site

Download the software from here
 Password for the rar is hackingclass

Extract the rar file..Then you will see something like this

THen switch on the the proxies.txt file and open it

THen get a fresh list of proxies because the proxies in the txt file may be outdated..This may help you

Copy the proxies and paste it in the proxies.txt file

Then save the file...Then move on to the urls.txt file then open it
replace the link with your site

Now we are done ... Now open the Free Traffic for Life!.exe
CLick on start ... Then go and take some nap and come back to see the results

I created this site as a example for you guyz 

Before using this trick

After using this trick

Note-Do not use this for illegal purposes..I am not responsible what you do with this
Never try this on hacking-class i hate fake traffic-if you do then i will be having your ip then you  know what i can do.:P

Happy Hacking


Saurav Keylogger hai kya sw k andar?haan? :P just jokin' Nice Tutorial :D

Good Info...fairly useful things! At least someone in existence is attempting to deliver beneficial info.

Not able to save a group of proxy list in txt file. it looks like you have to add it one by one from main screen

Nice Post,
But Fake hits os much harmful for site owner ,its reducing the alexa ranking ..

Increase Fake Hits for Blog/Site

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