Feb 12, 2011

Keyloggers - Counter Measures

In my previous post i explained how a keylogger works.... . Now i am going to show you how to prevent from being keylogged

1-Use a Good Antivirus
This is the first and basic step that you need to take in order to protect your computer from keyloggers. Use a Good antivirus such as  and update it regularly.

2-Antilogger can be Handy

Antiloggers are programs that detect the presence of keyloggers on a given computer. Over past few years. There are many antiloggers available BUTI have found Zemana Antilogger as the best antilogger.

Normally a keylogger can be easily detected by a Good Antivirus program, but hackers use some methods such as hexing, binding, crypting and similar techniques to make it harder to be detected by antivirus programs. In this case Zemana Antilogger comes handy as the program is specially developed to protect your system against harmful keyloggers.


Sandboxieis another great program to help you protect your computer against harmful keyloggers.
When ever you receive a file that looks suspicious, just run the program with Sandboxie so even if it is a keylogger or any other virus it will not make permanent changes to your computer system.

To run a program in Sandboxie follow the steps as mentioned below:
1. Open sandboxie and click on sandbox menu on the top
2. Now goto Default sandbox
3. Then click on run any program
4. Now select the file you wish to run in sandboxie and click open


Keyscrambler is one of the best protection against keyloggers that you can have, Keyscrambler is a small program which encrypts your typed keystrokes so even if the victim has installed a keylogger on your system, he or she will get encrypted keys. Keyscrambler currently supports Firefox, Internet explorer and other applications, however its premium version supports more than 170 applications..

                                                         Happy Hacking


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