Jul 8, 2011

Install Android 2.2 (Froyo) in Samsung Galaxy 5 [I5500/I5503] without rooting

Note: This process is based on my personal experience and since every device is different hence you are on your own while flashing your device. I, or any other author of hacking-class will NOT be responsible for any loss caused due to this. However, I’ll be happy to help you if need be.

I am currently using samsung galaxy 5 i5503.. Unfortunately Galaxy 5 I5503 hasn't qualified to get Froyo update (Android 2.2) although it should have, no compatibility issues. Anyway, I was determined to get Android 2.2 running on my Galaxy 5 and was successful too! A big thanks to Samfirmware for Android 2.2 firmware for Galaxy 5 series phones (I5500/I5503).

The process to install and get Android 2.2 running on your Galaxy phone is very easy. Just follow the following mentioned points in order and your mobile phone will soon enjoy all the features of Android Froyo ...

files needed before u start are as following...
ODIN Downloader
OPS File
Original Samsung Galaxy 5 cable
Android 2.2 firmware

here are the steps to flash your phone..for the update..
1-->::You must have downloaded all the files mentioned above and keep them ready..

2-->::Backup all the contents of your phone memory with KIES or using Mobile Back Up II[available on app store...]

3-->::Reset your phone to factory settings (Not compulsory but advised). ;)

4-->::Make sure the battery is fully charged up.

5::Switch Off your Galaxy 5 (I5503/I5500). Remove battery and re-insert after a few seconds.and reinsert it..

6-->::Press the following buttons together:
Volume Down Button + Center Home Button (Big square) + Power Button[call end]

7-->::Wait for “Downloading” screen to appear. Once this screen comes up release the buttons and connect your phone with computer using original data cable.this screen would be yellow droid digging up some thing...

8-->::Now wait for your computer to install device driver (until it shows “the device is ready to use”). In the mean time extract the I5500LUYJP2.rar file which will give you a I5500LUYJP2 folder with I5500LUYJP2.tar file in it.

9-->::Now open ODIN Downloader (downloaded above), if the phone connection is successful the box under COM Port Mapping will turn to yellow. Select the following check boxes ,,it is also shown in 2nd screen shot..:
-->>One Package, Auto Reboot and Protect Ops check-boxes.
-->>Select the Ops file (downloaded above).
-->>Select the tar package downloaded above.

10::Cross check the settings and hit “Start”.

That’s it! In approximately 5 minutes your device will restart and boot into Android 2.2 with beautiful icons and lots many new features..like wifi hotspot..and main feature of froyo..u can install application in your sd card,,that is not supported in eclair[2.1]..

If you face any problem then do leave a comment below, I’ll try my best to answer it to the best of my knowledge.:D

In case you mess up or something stuck for you then download the original firmware for Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503 using this link and follow the exact steps from point number 5. This should restore your device back to Android 2.1.but i am currently using 2.2 on my galaxy 5..it doesnt encounter any problem yet...i personally tried & using it..enjoy..

update::-- if your are done with froyo,,and want to install gingerbread in your device go to my latest updated post ,,here is the link...


next post will be on how to take screen shot with your android...

hey i updated my i5503 but i got a problem..... im unable to use data services, im unable to connect to net.......!!

hey what problem r u facing???any specific error???do u have turn on data connection by long pressing call end/power off key???be specific..what problem r u facing???

i am installed froyo successfully, it looks good then previous one.
but i am facing problem to register with google account.
it says not able to connect with server but gprs is connected.
pls help me to solve this i am not able to download app from android market and not receiving mail.

hey ..i dont have any problem with google connectivity....i am using it from last 2 month...and had downloaded lots of application from market...which internet connectivity you are using???if u r using wifi from collage ,,then such issue may arise...because,,i had same problem when i connect it with collage wifi.,,market application is blocked in my collage..so tell me first that which type of internet connection u r using..???


@anil kumar prasad,,,got thanx after a long time,,,it will inspire me for doing something more in this tech. world,,

@all hey guys/girls u r trying it and stuck at any point..feel free to ask,,i will be very happy to help u....and make at least one comment ,,saying some thing like thanx or any thing...

When I followed this it is now in Spanish?? Do you know how I change this back to English? I downloaded everything from the links above.

You’ll have to do some guess work here.
1. Go to menu and look for settings icon (blue colored circle, as was in Android 2.1)
2. From the end tap on 5th tab (it’s of Language Settings).
3. Tap on 1st tab and select “English”.

enjoy it... :) if any other problem feel free to ask...

please help! i upgraded my i5503 to 2.2, then i upgraded again to 2.3.7, now i wanted to get back to 2.2 becoz im not for the QWERTY KEYBOARD...so please help....its been 5 hours and still i cant upgrade..after the ODIN, the SAMSUNG keeps on flashing the screen..what should i do?

i successfully updated my phone..but there is a prompt showing everytime..
"The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
What should i do??Help please

i upgraded my phone with the same procedure you mentaioned above but am getting a problem my language in my mobile is changed and when I am changing it from setting it is not accepting the command so help me on this as soon as possible now currently my language is AUTOMATICO.....

I have a major problem...after upgrading my phone, everything works well except for one thing. When I move apps to the SD card...the apps don't show up on the menu. So i tried re-installing the apps and then putting them back to the SD card.The apps showed up...and I restarted my phone to make sure that they were permanently there on the menu....but they disappeared again....I am very worried.....the whole idea of me upgrading my phone was for this sole purpose, to move apps to the SD card....PLEASE HELP ME...

P.S.-the android 2.2 software link wasn't working so I sourced the exact same software elsewhere (4shared).I google searched "I5500LUYJP2.rar" and found it on 4shared.PLEASE URGENTLY REPLY.

my phone cant connect to my pc, it always says that the device might not worked properly and it always requires me to troubleshoot ..help me please....

pls tell me how to download all files.and open ops file

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

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