Jul 15, 2011

Taking Screen Shot Of Android Phone | Official Way

With the iphone u can take screen shot of your device just by pressing the power and home buttons to gather and ur current screen got saved . But with android no such option is available but there are certain 3rd party application that make this task possible but here i am with no such 3rd party application but one official way to take screen shot in andoid phone using SDK .

to use this method u need to install android sdk and configured it. SDK

-->>Enable USB Debugging mode. You can do that from Settings -> Applications -> Development.

-->>Connect your Android device to a PC via USB cable.

-->>Go to the “tools” folder in Android SDK and start the batch file titled “ddms” to launch the Dalvik Debug Monitor Service. You should be able to see your device connected on top.

-->>Under the “Device” menu, within the Debugger window, click “Screen Capture” or press Ctrl + S.

-->>then keep on refreshing ,,and click on save button,,which screen u want to save...
following are some screen shot that i took from my phone..


Now a day, Android is very much famous among people. More versions are updating. Thanks for sharing this application.

:] sharing is caring is our motto....enjoy ...

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