Jul 27, 2011

Nyan Cat Progress Bar

How to use it

Fairly-Important Note: Nyan Cat Progress Bar doesn't work properly on Windows XP. If you're still running XP, you might want to consider upgrading to Windows 7.

1. Download the Nyan Cat Progress Bar from here
2. Extract the ZIP file to a folder.
3. Run NyanCatProgressBar.exe
4. Try copying some files in Windows Explorer.

What apps does it work with?

Since the Nyan Cat Progress Bar depends on the progress bar being a standard Windows progress bar (ie. not a custom-drawn one, or a non-native one), it won't work with every progress bar on your system, but I've at least confirmed it works with Windows Explorer for file copies. If you want to hear music while you wait for more apps, try Instant Elevator Music instead: it has support for a lot more apps since it doesn't depend on being able to get the progress from the progress bar you're looking at.

How can I turn it off?

There are a few ways you can silence the Nyan Cat:

Right-click the Nyan Cat Progress Bar icon in your system tray (near the clock) and choose Silence! to stop the Nyan Cat from automatically activating.
If you don't want a particular program to activate the Nyan Cat, you can right-click the Nyan Cat Progress Bar icon and choose "Ignore (application name)". You can also add programs to the ignore list in the Settings dialog.
If you don't want Nyan Cat to activate while you're listening to music in either iTunes or Winamp, you can right-click the Nyan Cat Progress Bar icon, choose Settings, and then tick the "Don't show Nyan Cat if I'm listening to music in iTunes or Winamp" checkbox.

Credits bull dog


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